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Just to clear something up
Apr 19, 10 11:57 PM
Cheap soul heals
Apr 2, 10 2:29 AM
Level 3 Yay
Mar 11, 10 11:45 PM
20,000 contribution points!
Feb 17, 10 8:24 PM
[sealing the abyss gate]
Feb 8, 10 7:52 PM
Service Updates
Welcome to White Lotus

We were raised from the ashes of Shinra SOLDIER.  All former members and new people are welcome to join.  Please message me or a centurion if interested.

Just to clear something up

WesWolf, Apr 19, 10 11:57 PM.
Impersonating other members in legion chat is not allowed.  I've already given the centurions permission to kick any repeat offenders.  Also, obviously, any other action that could get you banned from the game is grounds for getting kicked from the legion.

Cheap soul heals

WesWolf, Apr 2, 10 2:29 AM.
Be sure to get those much needed soul heals this weekend when they lower the price, since they can usually get pretty expensive.

Level 3 Yay

WesWolf, Mar 11, 10 11:45 PM.
It took awhile to make the money, but with lower taxes from us owning the abyss, we finally pulled it of, thanks to everybody that donated.

20,000 contribution points!

WesWolf, Feb 17, 10 8:24 PM.
Thanks largely to Caria and Aquae, We now have over 20,000 contribution points!  2/3 of the requirements for lvl 3 have been met, now all we need is 1,200,000 kinah to complete it.  I've thrown in 400k towards it, now I just need donations from you guys for the other 800k. 
  And please GIVE ME YOUR EMBLEM IDEAS.  We all have to wear it on our backs, so I'd like to have something everyone agrees on.
  We also need to try and recruit more people sometime.
::UPDATE::  We now have 950,000 kinah in the legion's bank, almost there.

[sealing the abyss gate]

WesWolf, Feb 8, 10 7:52 PM.
If we don't have enough people to help you complete it, try this somewhat simple guide.

Congrats on Glariel for probably being the first person to ever solo it at level 19.
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